Matthew Thrush
Publisher: King of Kings Publishing
Pages: 400

Used by Hollywood producers to promote Season 8 of The Walking Dead, The Boy, and Pride & Prejudice: Zombies and over one million reads on Wattpad.An aptitude test separates people into three classes at birth. 23-year old Willow is the last Divine on Earth. Proc 1 is the first of the floating sanctuaries the classes strive to ascend to. When a covert group sneaks Willow on board, she assumes a masked identity as a stowaway, and accidentally unleashes a virus that kills everyone onboard the ship but her.As more dead bodies begin to rise from the ashes of the disembodied ship on the eastern shores of New Jersey, Willow  must choose to save herself or save the world. There’s just one problem: the infection is in her blood, the dead walk the earth, and those left alive do so at extreme peril. Will Willow find a cure for the virus developed to end death, or will she succumb to the ...
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