L.D. Collins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 553

15-year-old Malachi Martin is a young teen living a carefree lifestyle of partying with friends, dating different girls and not wanting for anything. Believing that he’s untouchable, he never sees the need to count the cost for a thing before he walks into it. Malachi will soon learn that he’s not too young to reap from the harvests that he’s sown into. He will see that every choice that he makes has consequences that not only affects him but those around him as well. What will Malachi do when his back is against every wall, there’s nowhere else to turn and he’s challenged to make a decision that will ultimately turn his world upside down, change him forever and redirect the course of his life? Will he answer the call or choose to ignore it? It will be for Malachi to decide, the choice is up to him…
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