Duane Shaw
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 173

Equality or Death is a dystopian novel set just a generation after our own. Riots regarding racial profiling by community police have led to the establishment of a federally accountable league of Enforcers in 2018. When a popular class rights leader is assassinated in 2020, nationwide uprising ensues, and the people clamor for the enactment of his latest bill, known as the Doctrine of Equality. This omnibus law establishes economic equality by increasing federal oversight of commerce, the press, religion, and free speech. The story is told in 2040, a generation later, by a young Enforcer, who journals his optimistic observations about his perfect society as a letter to our present, less equal generation. His idealistic outlook, however, is upended by his discovery of black markets, underground churches, and rebellious extremists that exist in subversion to the established order. Medical ...
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