Renna Peak
Publisher: Casey Peak Publishing, LLC
Pages: 152

Some princes are charming. Others are assholes.I've spent most of my career writing tabloid articles about the royals of Montovia, and Prince Andrew, the heir to the throne, was always the one that intrigued me most. He's so guarded, so mysterious…so ridiculously attractive.And then I met him. And I found out he's the most arrogant, smug, infuriating man to ever live.He also desperately needs my help.There are three things I know for sure. First, Prince Andrew has a secret. Second, he'll do anything to keep it a secret. And third, in spite of how infuriating I find him, I can’t help being incredibly attracted to him.This is Part One of a six-part contemporary romance serial by bestselling authors Renna Peak and Ember Casey. This episode ends with a cliffhanger.New to the Royal Heartbreakers books?Each series contains a complete romance story and can be read on its own, but the ...
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