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‘Here we all are. We’re all alright for money, yet here we are hanging around Bolton in the frigging wind and rain, and our sole leisure activity is coming in here two or three nights a week, drinking too much and then traipsing home to our respective pits.’‘So what are you suggesting?’‘A road trip. A lads only, lock-up-your-daughters, high-rolling, roller-coasting, no-holds-barred, hit-me-with-your-rhythm-stick, road trip. To sunny Spain.’ This is the story of Dave Atkinson, Ian Taylor, Stan Stead and Brian Horrocks; four friends all in their mid-forties who embark upon a road-trip around the north of Spain, finally arriving in Madrid. Los Hombres de Bolton documents their journey, as the four meet a number of interesting and amusing characters including cheeky waiters, a hen party from Yorkshire and a gay Guardia Civil Officer and his long-suffering senior colleague. ...
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