Bree Pierce
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 251

One sin. One curse, written on his flesh. Destined to witness the very end of humankind, this is Cain’s penance for his grievous sin. Every wound, he survives. Every sickness, he endures. He is the perfect immortal.Her past is darkness. Her future is unknown. As a man-made vampire, Christine is the perfect weapon unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. She appears to be a flawlessly beautiful human, but possesses the savagery of a vampire with the skills of an assassin. Two monsters, in their own right. Their destinies are irrevocably interwoven into the threads of fate as one seeks life and the other chases death.***Due to some violence, language, and sexual situations, this book is not suitable for readers under age 17!***Anthology includes:Book 1- The BeginningBook 2- Immortal SoulsBook 3- Immortal Darkness
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