Monty J McClaine
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 76

Silly scrapes and childhood games are much of what Sam’s used to in the McClaine house. If he’s not saving Jack from himself or getting Molly out of a sticky situation, Sam enjoys daydreaming, eating treats, and lazing about. However, one stormy night changes everything for the McClaine’s--and the strength of our four-legged hero is put to the test! When an ordinary evening turns into a dark and scary disaster, Sam transforms into his super-speedy form and learns a lot about safety in this spooky story. This time it’s Mom who’s in trouble when the lights go out and the suspense runs high! Stormy weather is no joke and there are a lot of ways to stay safe when things get dark and dangerous. Learn about the many ways you can stay safe at home during an emergency as you pal around in the dark with your favorite super-pup. When everything goes black and the world seems ...
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