Ralph Nelson Willett
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 173

⛪ Rosanne struggles with addiction, an unwanted pregnancy, and suicidal thoughts. A small stone, a token from her past, reminds her of the love of her family; a love she once walked away from. In a ruined life and far from home, Rosanne reaches out in desperation. Through that small stone, God touches her life, guiding her home physically, emotionally, and spiritually.The Rose Stone invites you into the life of a young woman who once had it all but now fights to stay alive. The story takes you in deep as you hear the voices that condemn her, struggle with her as she stumbles, and cry with her as she escapes her demons. It is a story of how God can use even the smallest and most common of things to rescue a life. For Rosanne, that thing is a stone; The Rose Stone.If you like stories of faith, love, and hope, then this book is for you.Click buy now to begin reading this amazing story.
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4.5 stars from 21 ratings
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