Robert J. Sawyer, Anne McCaffrey, Todd McCaffrey, L. Ron Hubbard, Joshua Meehan, Preston Stone, Dustin Steinacker, Sean Hazlett, Anton Rose, Doug C.
Publisher: Galaxy Press
Pages: 337

“Hot new talent.” —LocusGet to know tomorrow’s brightest creative talents chosen by some of today’s bestselling authors and celebrated artists including Kevin J. Anderson, Orson Scott Card, Larry Elmore, and Brandon Sanderson.Explore 12 diverse new universes of possibility through a variety of creative and fresh new ideas—all in one anthology. From dragons to mythical death dealers, from murder on the moon to deep space mystery, these stories bring you the hot new talent in science fiction, fantasy, and horror.Discover the writers who push the boundaries—and break beyond them . . . the illustrators who envision the impossible—and render it real . . . the stories that challenge the way we see ourselves—and see the world in a new way.You’ll love this anthology because of the diversity of stories, unexpected twists and turns, and 16 full color illustrations that bring the stories to vivid ...
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