KB Winters
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 193

One look from across a crowded room…She isn’t supposed to be here.FinnAlyssa is every man’s dream. She’s beautiful on the outside and tough on the inside. I let her go over a stupid selfish lie I told myself three years ago, and she moved on.I was an idiot to think she’d wait for me. But, it’s a second chance I’ll grab with both hands.She’s got a new man, hell, a totally new life.I still love her and I want her back.And I’ll never let go of her again.AlyssaI’m happy. On the surface, at least.I’ve moved on.A new career. A new man. A new life.There’s no room for anything else.Until, I see Finn, the big bad soldier who left me three years ago.Did he really expect me to wait?Now, I’m torn. Do I continue on with the façade? Or go back to the man who left me, the one who really holds my heart?Love filthy talking soldiers who can melt your panties with just a look? ...
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