John Martin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 216

This funny novel has a brand of revenge like you probably have never seen it, dealt up by a Tasmanian Tiger hunter who doesn't really want to do it.His target is a greedy mayor who believes no one can tell him what to do with an apple orchard that has been handed down to him from his great, great, great grandather, who was a man who rode a big horse and struck fear into the hearts of Irish convicts.This book is set in the early 1990s and takes a satirical dig at a small town and some small-minded, selfish officials. When claims are made Tasmanian Tigers have been spotted in the orchard, the mayor doesn't believe a word of it. Why would he? The last-known Tasmanian Tiger died in 1936, and it's since been declared extinct.The Tasmanian Tiger hunter doesn't believe the claims either, so why he does what he does is a mystery to the Mayor and his cronies — and a boon for a visiting ...
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