John Martin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 214

A FUNNY STORY OF REVENGE, APPLES AND TASMANIAN TIGERS ... The greedy mayor has gone too far this time. The Tasmanian Tiger hunter he despises is given no choice but to get revenge. If you want laughs, a quirky storyline and eccentric characters, this is the novel for you. Author John Martin is the mysteriously funny writer bloke from Australia. He provides the Tasmanian Tiger hunter with a large cheer squad. But while it takes a whole town to rile the obnoxious mayor, it takes just one visiting Texan to twist the knife. EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 1THE SIGHT of the rope was enough to make the mayor plead for the first time in his life.When he looked up and saw the overhanging branch, Mayor James Northan gulped.'Please don't hang me. I've got a family.'The man with the rope smiled. Some of the others in the mob sniggered.'Hang you? You don't get out of this that lightly.'PRAISE FROM AMAZON AND ...
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