Eddie Jones
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 180

Locked in the rat-infested, stinking brig of a prisoner ship bound for Port Charles, Ricky makes friends with William Shakespeare, a portly seaman with owlish eyes and a propensity for quoting Hamlet. Though Ricky doubts William Shakespeare is the real William Shakespeare, Ricky is certain he will be tried and found guilty of piracy if he doesn't act fast. Plus, there's the rumor that William Shakespeare sailed aboard the Flying Dutchman -- a ghost ship sailed by the dead, demons and worse. As the hangman's noose dangles, over his head, Ricky must decide if he should fight or flee. Running seems like the smart move, so bolting from the gallows, he dives head-long into the sea.Now, with the lives of misfit orphans in peril and the heart of the governor's daughter on the line, Ricky faces a battle with pirates - both dead and alive - where the destiny of the living and those yet-to-be ...
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