Chara Davis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 122

It’s never too late to change your pastYou can have a happy past, and you can have it now. Chara Davis learned that the hard way. When she was just four, Chara’s mother became very ill, throwing her life into a dark turmoil, literally overnight. Shuffled off to relatives and family friends, she endured family dysfunction and child abuse from an early age. Her traumatic childhood and adolescence lead to a lifelong struggle with obesity, anxiety and depression. But in her late thirties she was admitted to a recovery program that turned her life around. After years of feeling victimized, she created a new and promising future for herself, by recreating her view of the past.An inspiring life story that will change your lifeToday, Chara is a happily married mother of three, with a prospering career: helping people become fit and healthy. In Disguised Blessings, she shares her life story ...
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