Clint Hollingsworth
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 108

When her dad sent Emily Ghostraven to live with her half-sister, the great tracker Ravenwing, Emily had no idea what to expect. Living in the mountains was something she'd never done before and she didn't have a clue what "learning the old ways" even meant.Her new teacher, Flying Blade, teaches Emily many things, like how to make fire without a match, how to make a shelter out of sticks and leaves and how to see animals up close and personal. Created in a comic book style, Nature Scout Emily is over fifty pages of fun-to-read story for future nature scouts of all ages.The print version is a coloring book/nature adventure story.The kindle version is a comic/nature adventure story.For middle-grade and teens, see full-color "The Scout Trail".Story and art by Clint Hollingsworth, wilderness author and creator of the webcomic "The Wandering Ones".
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