David Reichart
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 249

After a Jesse Yates “Terror in the Tunnel” news video goes viral (Death’s Door), the Palm Court Detectives are hired to take on a brutal organized crime family that has gained control of a small Alabama town.Too bad the agents from Mobile aren’t familiar with the local lore; Rome City is no ordinary town. Many of its inhabitants carry malevolent genes of an inbred clan of swamp dwellers who began to merge with local society only three generations ago.Ancil Gagnon considers himself the last of the breed and still lives in a remote swamp in the vast Mobile-Tensaw Delta wilderness. He only comes out when his domesticated kin—the ones who have formed Le Sang (The Blood)—need to have “problems” disappear or learn a lesson they’ll never forget.In addition to taking on a case that is far more bewildering than he expected, agency boss Ernie Donovan has gotten his people ...
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