Addison Moore
ASIN: B01N25Z2D8
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 276

From NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Addison Moore comes a hilarious standalone romantic comedy! SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE about a couple of childhood friends who went from friendship to hatred to faking it as the town's next it couple. It only blows up from there.*One look from Jax Stade promises to land even the nicest girl onto the naughty list. Jax and I used to be best friends right up until he broke my heart. Everyone knows that both Jax and his overinflated ego are well beyond naughty—that face, those eyes, don’t get me started on that body made of steel. Every last part of me is bent on revenge. I’ll make sure payback is hell for Jax. I just hope I don’t end up getting my heart crushed by him twice in one lifetime. Jax and I were inseparable growing up—since then our careers buffered us, but our mothers are still very much best friends. They’ve spent their whole lives ...
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