Joshua Larsen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 194

Master the Fundamentals of Microbiology with This Concise Learning GuideCovered in the Microbiology Made Easy guide are the following areas:The common characteristics of microorganisms.How microbes are different from one another.The processes quintessential to microbial life.The diversity of microbial life.The ways in which microbes impact our lives.How microbes are identified and classified.The clinical manifestations, diagnostics, and virulence factors of clinically significant microbes.How diseases caused by microbes are treated.The types, structure, and replication of viruses.The functioning of the different parasites and the diseases they cause.The types of fungi and their implications for humans and plants.And much more!The ultimate aim of this book is to kick-start your understanding of microbial life. It is tailored toward the lifelong learner and explorer. It can also be used ...
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