Annabel Allen
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 136

A LONG LOST LOVE . . .The annual Christmas Festival is almost here and Ashley Kirby has been put in charge of decorating the church's gym for the festivities. She was looking forward to the festival but can’t help but remember past Christmas festivals at Winterbourne, the now empty and derelict estate next to the church. For over a hundred years, the Winter family had hosted the Christmas Festival bringing yuletide cheer to every man, woman, and child of the town. Unfortunately all that came to an end ten years ago when old Mr. Winter died.Ashley has fond memories of the Winterbourne Christmas Festival and even fonder memories of Mark Winter, the heir to the Winterbourne estate. So when she discovers that Mark has returned after a long ten year absence, she’s determined to recapture some of that old magic, as well as the man she loved and lost.. . . RETURNS HOME JUST IN TIME FOR ...
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