Simone Pond
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 243

Pick up the second book in this exciting supernatural suspense!"Edge of the seat action from start to finish.”"Paranormal writing that hits you right in the feels.”"A roller coaster of a ride with new experiences around every corner."Sibyl Forsyth doesn't know which is harder: navigating the supernatural realm or staying afloat at Hillside University. After all, she can't seem to register for classes. When she receives a terrifying vision of a sacrifice happening at the next Blood Moon, Sibyl is hellbent on tracking down the demon who's initiating the gruesome ritual. But solving this mystery is harder than she imagined. Teaming up again with her reliable sidekick, Vago, and other allies in her fight against evil, Sibyl vows to save the innocent victims before they're sacrificed. Can she save the town before it falls prey to evil's reign?Beyond Sight is a suspenseful thriller ...
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