Kay Correll
Publisher: Rose Quartz Press
Pages: 272

Sometimes the right person enters your life at exactly the wrong time...For the first time in her life, struggling bakery owner Julie Farmington has something that is all hers.She’s not interested in any entanglements or anything that takes her mind off her goal—including the handsome stranger who is only in town for a month.Forced to take time off work, Reed Newman makes a spur-of-the-moment decision and books a trip to Belle Island, Florida. A surprising choice that goes against everything in the rigid, well-planned life he fills with constant activity to keep from dealing with his pain and guilt.As he struggles to make peace with his past—and learn to relax—he finds himself falling for the charming owner of The Sweet Shoppe. But Julie tells herself she isn’t interested in a man who is just going to leave when he returns home. She’s not interested in adding yet one more ...
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4.5 stars from 970 ratings
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