Daniele Lanzarotta
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 235

With her guitar in her hand, Skylar is safe. Strumming the cords erases the pain found in the halls of her high school. Lost in music, the bullies disappear. And in the moment, she’s free. Alec was obsessed with baseball when a diagnosis turned his world upside down. One little C-word left his body weak and his outlook on the world destroyed. He should be celebrating that he battled his illness into remission. Instead, Alec lives in constant fear that it’s only a matter of time until the sickness returns. When Skylar—the girl next-door and his former best friend—suffers a tragic loss, Alec makes it his mission to show her that life is still worth living. Little does he know he will be learning the same lesson along the way. From author Daniele Lanzarotta comes Sudden Hope, a gripping journey into the heartbreaking beauty of life.
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4.5 stars from 30 ratings
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