L.L. Muir
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 182

This is BOOK 5 in the Curse of Clan Ross series.He should have stayed away from Cockburn Street...A former MI6 agent, James is rarely afraid. He's traveled back to the fifteenth century--not just once, but twice now--and lived to tell the tale. The third trip will be for personal reasons, however, because he believes in his bones the perfect woman for him is back there somewhere, waiting for him.Unfortunately, his friends at Castle Ross won't let anyone near their magic portal, so his only hope lies with a pair of middle aged Muir Witches running a tea shop in Edinburgh. They must know all kinds of magic, he's certain, because the last time he saw them...they were about ninety years old. Phoebe is an unusual combination of klutz and romantic. She's determined to reboot her life, and hopes a trip to The Enchanted Tea Shop will help. Rumor has it the place is run by two honest to goodness ...
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