Angel Williams
ASIN: B01N5D24O5
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Pages: 171

Hold up yal let me tell yal a story. So there was this chick name Mercedes. Her life was mad shady…15 and pregnant with a baby. She wanted to be grown. but didn’t know sh*t about being a lady.The streets claimed her, couldn’t tame her, blame her mother though...She didn’t come from a stable home, she was in this all alone. Shorty just wanted to be grown. Looking for love and affection, she started flexing…and messing around, all around town…These streets and these freaks were her medication shorty was in a bad situation.Trading one needle from another to another...She prayed and prayed that she would never be like her mother! No self respect or no class...Life gone, what a straight waste. In revenge she started to give the world a taste... Bitter sweet, never did she once look like she weak! Not to mention..that butt was a walking death sentence! Sexually transmitted, if you ...
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