Elizabeth Rose
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 953

This boxed set includes four full-length medieval novels from four of Elizabeth's series. All have to do with reluctant brides.This set includes:Lord of Illusion - Book 3(Legacy of the Blade Series)Wanting to live a different life, Lady Abigail uses a robbery on the road as an excuse to escape her guards who are taking her to marry a man she hates. Madac ap Powell is a thief, who uses his disguises to his advantage, trying to support his mother and brother. Although he hates the life he lives, he finds a young lady in the woods who hates her life even more. Can a lady and a thief help each other realize exactly what they are running from?Ruby - Book 1(Daughters of the Dagger Series)Ruby de Burgh is furious when her father promises her hand in marriage to the Lord of Death, Nyle Sheffield. The man's last three wives have died and rumor has it, he's killed them. Lord Nyle Sheffield is on ...
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