K.N. Kukoyi
Publisher: Purposeful Publishing
Pages: 100

Have you got a business idea in mind? If so, let’s test it out, step-by-step!Even if you don’t have an idea, this book will show you how to start a business where you know there are customers who will want what you’re going to offer them! The major topics covered by this book include:Starting a new business: Contractual agreements for hiring staff, trademarks, company formation, keeping financial records and tax considerations, non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and Intellectual Property (IP) and their significance to you. You’ll find lots of signposts to direct you towards startup-friendly law services and legal documents that you can review and consider.Researching your idea: In this section of the book, there are plenty of interactive exercises which will show you how to assess any business idea, along with tips and techniques you can start using for free, including ...
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