RWK Clark
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 251

Aspen Stationers’ Supply has just developed a new product that is sure to save them from bankruptcy: A beautiful, holographic ink that's sure to be a hit with the kids, and just in time for the coming school year. There’s only one problem: Aspen is keeping a secret. In the lab, this ink when wet has turned the rats into something indescribable: Cannibalistic monsters that are driven by the need to eat raw flesh. Knowing this, the company rushes the product onto the market, and kids buy them up with a vengeance. Soon, horror breaks out all over, with zombies taking over different areas and different towns. Single mother Kathy Olson and her son, Brian, along with their neighbors didn’t know what hit them when Brian’s best friend Caleb brought him one of Aspen Stationers’ new Lumiosa pens. But unfortunately, it took only a couple of days for the ‘pen fever’ to spread like ...
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