Robert Campbell
Publisher: Ayeshire Publishing
Pages: 246

*** EDGAR and ANTHONY WINNING AUTHOR ***Democratic committeeman, sewer inspector, and amateur sleuth Jimmy Flannery goes into action to expose a complex frame-up after a prostitute shows up dead in the bed of a Chicago politician and former congressman accused of corruption.Old Chips Devlin had been Jimmy's mentor. Now the ninety-year-old former head of the Chicago Sewer Department is dead, and there's some pretty hard evidence Chips went out the sweetest way possible---with a lady in his bed. Then events take another screwy turn when Leo "the Lion" Lundatos shows up at the funeral to talk business with Jimmy.It seems that Congressman Lundatos, who has spent the last year bucking a million ethics charges, wants to have a go at local office---this time with Jimmy Flannery as his running mate. Jimmy has a knack for finding things out, and that could be very useful to the Lion. For Jimmy ...
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