R.D. London
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 64

Laugh and learn with this funny book for children ages 6-8, filled with rib-tickling moments and tarantula facts.Learn how to take care of your pet tarantula by NOT following the author's adviceWhat happens when you take a clueless kid and get him a pet tarantula? Find out in this hilariously illustrated book of misjudgments, mishaps, and outright mistakes.Follow along as the young narrator:Takes his pet tarantula Terry on a trip to the pool.Gets his 8 eyes checked at the optometrist.Pits him in a UAFC (United Arachnid Fighting Championship) fight with his friend's scorpion.Tries to help his mom's diet by putting his shedded exoskeleton in her favourite bag of cookies.And even more things you should NEVER do with a giant, hairy pet spider.***For a limited time, when you buy the book, get a FREE downloadable PDF poster featuring 10 of the biggest "Don'ts" with the great artwork from the ...
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