Dean M. Cole
Publisher: CANDTOR Press
Pages: 308

A Global Rift in Space-Time. All Living Beings Gone Save Two Humans. An Impossible Rescue Mission.★ Winner Listeners Choice Award—Best Science Fiction ★The Martian meets Gravity when Army Pilot Vaughn Singleton, Earth’s last man, rushes to Area 51 in search of a spaceplane after he discovers the last woman is stranded on the International Space Station and barely alive—thus beginning a race against time. The event that wiped life from the planet started at the supercollider. It created a rift in space-time. The astronaut stranded aboard the space station, Commander Angela Brown, is a theoretical physicist who used to work at the collider. She may be able to reverse the event, restoring the timeline and returning all life to the planet … if only she could get there. If you like action-packed, page-turning novels, you'll love the electrifying action in this trilogy of award-winning ...
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