Adele Hart
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 123

Hey Girl, 
Have you ever gone to a bakery and couldn’t make up your mind? You see the cute little cupcakes adorned with dainty flowers and swoon… and then your eyes go to the triple chocolate brownies covered in chocolate frosting with chocolate sprinkles. As if a triple chocolate brownie wasn’t enough on its own? You scan the glass showcase, and it is a showcase because everything in there has the same appeal as a twelve-carat diamond. 
The girl in front of you orders a petit four, which I always thought meant put in four. She couples it with a small nonfat, sugar free, caffeine free, vanilla latte (or as I call it, ‘a what’s the point?’). You know that girl. She eats an almond for breakfast then runs five miles to burn it off. 
I digress. Back to you…
So, you’re at the counter, looking over the temptations before you. But, how are you supposed to choose?
The ...
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