Ferris Robinson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 32

These short essays from the mother of three boys are both funny and poignant. Any parent will recollect the tender moments of raising children, particularly sons, as he or she reads these recollections. These glimpses into special occasions, such as the first prom and leaving for college, may tug at the heartstrings of both mothers and fathers, but the account of an unskilled and loud rock and roll band upstairs, directly above the kitchen sink, and the dreaded science project (every parent's nightmare) may make parents laugh out loud. All of us have been there.Written with a wry yet warm tone, these short stories can be read during a lunch break, or while waiting in carpool line. These five-minute essays are perfect to have on hand when you are put on hold on the phone, or stuck in gridlocked traffic.A feel-good book, this book about mothers and sons will surely warm your heart, and ...
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