P R Adams
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 495

Be careful when you look into the past.When Elliot Saganash and Tammy McPhee agreed to carry on the work of the Elders, they had no idea what they were getting into. Ancient powers—gods—and their human allies wiped out the Circle, leaving only two teenagers to carry on. Now Elliot and Tammy find themselves over their heads and sinking even deeper. Their first objective: restore Harrison Mansion so that they can begin recruiting other shamans from around the world. But a chance discovery leads to unexpected good news: There might be an Elder alive in the world, one who left before the massacre that killed the others.As Elliot struggles to overcome the losses he has suffered, he realizes he may not be able to do the one thing he was meant to do: protect Tammy. And Tammy has problems of her own, starting with a possible pregnancy. If that weren’t enough, Yuki returns. But is she ally ...
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