Laura Del
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 137

Get ready for more ghostly adventures in the second installment of the Samantha Davidson series, Ghostly Murders.When a body pops up in a suburb of Chicago, PI Samantha Davidson is on the case with her partner in crime, Detective Lance MacDowell. But when the two of them go to investigate, there's a little glitch in their plans. It seems that the Chicago PD has stumbled upon a serial killer's victim. Now they have to work with the FBI, specifically very Special Agent Brennan, who is not a fan of Samantha's methods. After all, when you can speak to the dead like Samantha can people tend to not believe you, and Brennan is no different.So with this special agent against her almost every step of the way, and the dead girl not being of much help, Samantha must rely on her keen investigation skills to solve this murder before the killer strikes again.Can she do it? Or will this monster slip ...
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