Brandylan James
Publisher: BDJ Media
Pages: 465

Now with a new final chapter and new preview of Book 2!What would you do for love? Would you lie for it? Would you die for it? Would you kill for it? Would you endure centuries of darkness for just one last chance to change everything, even if you knew it was probably hopeless? Love is never easy.Yet in the end, it is all that is worth fighting for ... When the first day of senior year finally rolled around in sleepy Croft's Landing, NC, Jules Walker was definitely psyched. Not only was she going to hook up with her best bud and fellow Blud band member, Dylan Croft after the long summer vacation, but more importantly, according to the grapevine, Dylan and Landing High’s resident queen bitch, Amanda Zane were officially over. For some reason, that made Jules’ heart beat just a tad faster. However, before she even had a chance to ...
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