Benjamin Teal
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 166

Now a #1 International Bestseller“Without quality, it won’t take customers long to figure out you over-promised and under-delivered.”Want to build your lifestyle business with long-term, sustainable growth? Then stop treating your customers like an ATM machine. This is not your typical business book. Benjamin Teal offers a different approach to building a thriving business by connecting with customers on a deeper level, consistent with your true self. You’ll learn:How to choose your ideal customers, the ones that are the best fit for your product or business, which will help your business grow.The 5-step framework to building a Value Driven Lifestyle Business so you can grow your business by doing what matters most to you, without feeling slimy or scammy.Why being a bridge builder will form lasting connections with your customers and keep them coming back again and again.Why ...
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