Patrice Chaplin
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 224

Twenty-two-year-old Victoria Brooke is getting married… Working as a temporary journalist, as part of her plan to find herself, Victoria is now ready to marry the man she loves with all her heart. Her fiancé, Gerry, forty-seven, is a widower, who’d lost his wife to cancer many years ago. Though there had been many women in between, it was Victoria who’d captured his heart. It only took them 13 months to get engaged and now, with just a few months to go before the wedding, Victoria meets Gerry’s son, James, and his wife and daughter.Gerry dotes on his granddaughter Ruth, a highly temperamental child who’s causes Victoria unknown unease. Could it be because little Ruth is so similar in appearance to Gerry’s late wife? Meanwhile her mother Lilly, although seemingly happily married to James, makes no attempt to hide her passion and desire for Gerry…Lilly had once resided at ...
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