Emily Holm
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 63

Denmark consistently rankes as the happiest country on the planet! Wouldn't you like to know how this cozy little country does it?Congratulations on taking the first step into a more content, joyful, and hygge lifestyle!I have worked hard to bring you a clear guide on how to bring this wonderful Danish concept into your own home.I am sure you’d agree with me that people are not being kind to themselves. Have you talked to a friend of late and noted that your conversation consists of, “I feel tired. I feel stressed out too” or even, “I have gained a lot of weight.” I mean, have you noticed the way negativity has been increasing?Hygge is all about taking the moment to induldge in your home, relationships, and cozy blessings around you each day. From the warm feeling that you get infront of the fireplace, to the quiet time spent enjoying the company of those you love. Though ...
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