Ryan Grant
Publisher: Ryan Grant
Pages: 31

Is your PC running slower than expected? Are adverts continuously popping up when you're searching on the internet? If you're frustrated with your PC but you're not sure what to do, look no further than this book! There are various ways in which a PC can go wrong and this book will outline and explain how ANYBODY can fix ANY problem with their PC. This book relates purely to computers which run on a Windows based operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 or 10 and therefore this is not a guide for Apple Mac or Linux users. Relieve the stress you've been getting from your PC whilst educating yourself more on computers by reading this book, a real win-win situation! The literature and terminology from within this book has been written so that anybody can understand no matter their age level or level of education on the subject.Fix your PC today instead of paying upwards of $50 at your local ...
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