Vicky Dobson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 40

Did You Just End a Relationship with Your Boyfriend? Do You Miss Him and Want Him Back? Have You Tried Much but Nothing Seems to Work?Then, this book is for you! Learn some tips on how to get your ex back, build happier and healthier relationships, and make your life better in general.Life is unfair. What some people are naturally good at often appears as a great challenge for others. For example, understanding another person, especially the opposite gender, being a good listener, or having a positive attitude to life may either require a lot of deliberate efforts or come effortlessly (which is actually rare). When people don’t have that natural power to be a good partner and fail to work on their relationships, it often results in breakups with much pain, tears, and regrets.Who Needs That? Why Be Unhappy When You Can Rekindle the Relationship with Your Ex and Live Happily Ever ...
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