Garnet Bickerstaff
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 61

Olive has striven her whole life to act the part of the dainty and presentable princess, even though in reality her personality is anything but demure. Her dearest wish is to be successfully kidnapped and rescued, just like her perfect older sister was before her. So when the bumbling and sweet son of the neighboring kingdom's warlord accidentally turns up at her window one night, she convinces him to be the dastardly kidnapper she's been waiting for. But playing the parts of villain and victim can be difficult when their true personalities have a bad habit of emerging.Note: This is a short, novella-length fairy tale spoof written just for fun. There is no language and no sex, but some non-graphic violence, blood, and dark humor. Recommended for ages 12+.Cover by Max Newhall.
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