Des Parker
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 216

It's like Shaun of the Dead but with zombie killing goats.Simon is 40, single, and hasn't taken a single step up the employment ladder. When a freak energy wave from space wreaks havoc upon the earth, Simon turns from ordinary to extraordinary in a hurry.Rendered impervious to zombie attacks, Simon seeks out other human survivors. Aside from the zombies, vampires, and werewolves stalking humanity, Simon has one big problem: his best friend Nick has become a zombie and he's assembling an undead army.Along with fellow survivors, a woman with trust issues, a porn star with an army tank, and a psychotic zombie-killing duck, Simon must fight off the horrifying Lord of the Zombies. Can this slacker stave off the apocalypse?Lord of the Zombies: Apocalypse is a hilariously gruesome spin on the zombie apocalypse story. If you like Shaun of the Dead, classic sci-fi flicks, and deranged goats ...
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