Rúnar Þór Sigurbjörnsson
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Pages: 72

Travelling to Spain, France or Italy is fairly straight-forward. Travelling to Iceland is a whole different matter. It's a different kind of journey, one that requires special attention to certain details and respect for the boundless nature that you are being invited into. Written and Illustrated by Icelanders, Iceland 101 carries over 50 tips and things you'll be better off knowing, packed into 5 fully illustrated chapters.-The Chapters-1. Booking Money & EquipmentThe right times to take care of all of the tedious booking work and what equipment you might want to have.2. Rental Cars, Fuel, Driving & SafetyFinding the right rental car for your journey, where to get the cheapest fuel, how to drive in Iceland and your safety and of those around you.3. Weather & NatureThe random, sometimes crazy weather on the arctic island and the vast landscape that draws visitors there every year.4. ...
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