Michael Hodges
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 263

Jared the kleptomanic, Chike the unemployed IT guy, Patricia the shopaholic, and Jeff the drug dealer are trapped inside a Chicago super mall on Black Friday.Bridgefield Mall empties during a fire alarm, and most of the shoppers drive off into a strange mist surrounding the mall parking lot.They never return.Chike and his group of survivors try calling friends and family, but their smart phones won't work, not even Twitter.As the wall of mist inches closer, the mall lights flicker and surge. Bulbs shatter and spray glass into the air.  In the chaos, the drug dealer becomes unhinged and hunts the group from inside the mall.Cornered by the mist, and hunted from within, Chike and the survivors must fight for their lives while solving the mystery of just what happened to Bridgefield Mall.Sometimes, a good sale just isn't worth it.
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4 stars from 21 ratings
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