Joanna Campbell Slan
Publisher: Spot On Publishing
Pages: 306

JUST BECAUSE HER HUSBAND’S NAKED, DEAD, AND IN A HOTEL might not be what it seems. But there’s that scarf in his mouth. Of course it is.Given the situation, Kiki Lowenstein can’t help remembering that her (late) husband got her pregnant while cheating on his girlfriend.>>>True, he did the right thing at the time, and their much-loved daughter Anya is now eleven years old. But suddenly he’s dead, and Kiki’s financially embarrassed—that jerk disinherited his own family!>>>Time for the timid to toughen up. Passive Kiki transforms herself into a fighter, walking right out of her luxurious life and into a scrapbooking store, where she deftly turns a hobby into a moneymaker. Her new gig goes slightly awry when her late husband’s not-so-ex-girlfriend insults her in public, but that’s just the beginning. The hurts keep piling up. How much can one woman stand?>>>As her husband’s ...
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