Lisa Prysock
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 451

This is the delightfully entertaining story of an impoverished vicar's daughter. Born the youngest of four daughters and one son—Miss Catherine Edwina Lyndon finds she has no other choice than to accept hand-me-down dresses and one delayed, broken dream after another; all whilst her parents make every possible effort to attract husbands for her three older sisters. They spend every extra shilling with this in mind. Her three sisters are now "out" in fashionable society, but Vicar Lyndon is old-fashioned and won't permit Catherine the same opportunities until at least one or two of her sisters are wed. Catherine has grown so accustomed to being overlooked, she doesn't realize her hopes lay on a pile of wasted dreams when she sacrifices the desire for a marriage and family of her own. She is barely holding onto the idea of championing the cause of education reform for women across ...
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