Val N. Tine
ASIN: B06VVJ2629
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 177

You have been told that there is an objective morality to which you must submit. An objective reason to which you must conform. An objective reality to which you must yield. But if you are reading this then I suspect that you have already begun to doubt. Disturbing questions are starting to surface.  This book explores those questions, and gives those doubts substance. We start by exploring how and why there is no objective morality knowable to us, why standards of good and bad can never be justified. We then explore the consequences of this absence, rejecting passive despair and outlining a path of creative nihilism, actively creating and determining the values that define us. Next, we examine the limitations of reason, explaining why it cannot give us knowledge of an objective reality beyond ourselves. We then re-learn to coherently speak and argue within this space ...
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