Justine Avery
Publisher: Justine Avery
Pages: 39

Nothing sets the tone for the day like learning your home planet has just changed ownership.Today is a day like any other on Earth. People wake and work. Minds plug into electronic devices. Social networks spark with spontaneous brain sputterings. A woman primps. A man scratches his balls. Humans relate, congregate, procreate.And news anchors across the globe offer an ounce of vital information for every pound of mind-numbing nonsense... Then, the figurative bomb hits. Screens are ablaze, and radio is abuzz with a news flash like no other:Earth has been inherited. The planet has a new owner.And he's not happy to find his endowment overrun by a planetary pestilence.Earth gets its wakeup call. How would you answer it?♦ 1st Place Ebook Award (Reviewers Choice Literary Awards) ♦ 2nd Place Award for Humor (CIPA EVVY Book Awards) ♦ Official Selection for Short Story Fiction (New Apple ...
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