Ashley Merrick
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 116

At the age of 20, Elizabeth is the youngest Donovan and the only girl in the family. She is beautiful and a talented free-spirit who is happiest when lost in the world of her art, painting. There are several local men who would love to marry her, as there is a serious shortage of women in Bozeman, MT in the 1890's. Elizabeth has seen her own brothers send for mail-order brides. Emma was the first young woman to move East from Boston to marry Ethan. Several of Emma's friends followed, Julia, Colleen, Brianna, Maeve and Fiona.But Elizabeth is in no hurry to marry either of the local men. No one has captured her heart in the same way that her childhood neighbor Julian did. Theirs was an innocent, but strong love and their future seemed all but certain to Elizabeth, until something terrible happened. No one has ever said exactly what he supposedly did, but Julian was sent away, when ...
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