K.A. Ware
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 128

They say you can’t go home again.But when you’re broke, down on your luck, and wanted in two states…It’s the only place left.Adelaide spent high school dreaming of the day she’d lift a middle finger to her small town life and watch it all fade away in the rear-view mirror. After marrying a man who she thought was her prince charming, Adelaide finally had everything she ever wanted…until the silver spoon was ripped from her mouth and her prince was revealed to be just another cheating jackass. Suddenly homeless with nowhere else to turn, she must head back to the one place she never thought she’d have to show her face again.Savannah just wanted to see the world, but ended up a twenty-five year old vagabond with nothing to show for her life but a string of loser ex-boyfriends. Instead of saving the planet, she sells jewelry on the internet and digs in the cushions for loose ...
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