Lauren Gallagher
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 93

Morgan hates her job. She didn’t bust her hump to get an IT certification so she could spend her days reading employee emails. Unfortunately, what the boss says, goes, and he has her on email detail until they find out who's been embezzling. About the only redeeming feature of working for this company is getting to steal glances at the head of engineering and tech support, Courtney James. What Morgan wouldn’t do for the confidence just to strike up a conversation. Asking Courtney out? Not a chance.When an email tips her off that the crush is mutual, though, Morgan's torn between making a move and pretending she never saw the message. Her heart and body say to go for it. Her conscience says to leave well enough alone.The one thing she can’t do, however, is forget about it… This novella is approximately 20,000 words.
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